Dependable Carpenters

"NFI did a great job last night. Thank you for always providing dependable carpenters who can troubleshoot on the spot!"

Megan, TJ Hale

The NFI Crew Were Rockstars

..."We worked hard all weekend and everything came together as planned. The NFI crew were rockstars! ...All in all, a great outcome."

Tony, Great Lakes Woodworking

Your Guys Were Great

..."a note to say your guys were great last week. I enjoyed working with them. Thanks for everything."

Greg, David Yurman

Amazing Installers and Great People

..."thank you for everything. Your guys are amazing installers and great people, and they made this project a good one. It's great when you have individuals you can rely on for leadership and installation performance in the field."

Jay, Crown Custom Millwork

High Quality

...The material was not 100% perfect, but the NFI team was able to correct our issues and keep the job on schedule. NFI are our "go-to" guys when we have a high-profile flagship install.

Jason, MN GC

A Huge Atta Boy!

...We greatly appreciate everything your guys have done. They are extremely hard workers, patient and very polite. We couldn't have gotten through the week without them. We wanted to let you know they deserve a huge atta boy! Thank you for letting them stay here all week."

Jon, Wegmans

NFI Was Great

...the install went well. NFI was great. They were onsite early and the install went smoothly. Overall, the store loved the execution and NFI was great to work with. We would definately like to work with them again on future projects.

Jen, Carhartt

The Guys Were Amazing

The install went great. The guys who built the display were amazing! The installers did a thorough job of explaining how the display works.

Jaime, AT&T