A Good Installer is Absolutely Critical

The space looks great. The install went very well. In addition to that, the Lead's ability, team attitude, and leadership skills were specifically noticed and acknowledged. We truly appreciate your efforts and our partnership with you. We know that a good installer is absolutely critical to a successful install, and we are grateful for all of your hard work and support on this challenging program.

Scott, RTC

Communication, Confidence and Relief

"We are continuing to hear great things about your office and field teams. You are quickly becoming our 'go-to' partner for our install projects. Your field crews are well educated on the scope, have superior craftsmanship, and can resolve issues creatively. The projects have competent leads, your crews are very professional, and all are sized appropriately for the scope and timeline. Your teams are also very proactive. They   […]   Read More »

Derek, Aldi

Good Communication

"Your team did a good job communicating with me throughout the site visit.  I really appreciated their 'wait, I may have a fix for that' attitude. I look forward to working with AIC again in the future."

Marlene, Sparks Retail

Leadership, Communication and Efficiency

..."Thank you for a beautiful and timely installation. There was no punchlist (except a few minor fingerprints), which is exceptional!  Looking forward to more of these installs with you. The store was amazed at your leadership, communication and efficiency and really enjoyed having you there supporting the store transition. We wanted you to know how your work is appreciated. We have a busy year ahead and we are   […]   Read More »

Pam, Sephora

Thanks For Everything

"Your guys were great yesterday. They were a dream to work with. Thanks for everything."

Carolyn, MN Timberwolves and Lynx

I Couldn't Be More Pleased

"...it's such a relief to be partnered with a team as reliable as yours, and I couldn't be more pleased with the direction that we're moving."

Stephanie, Array Marketing

Dependable Carpenters

"NFI did a great job last night. Thank you for always providing dependable carpenters who can troubleshoot on the spot!"

Megan, TJ Hale

The NFI Crew Were Rockstars

..."We worked hard all weekend and everything came together as planned. The NFI crew were rockstars! ...All in all, a great outcome."

Tony, Great Lakes Woodworking