The Installation Went Beautifully

...I first got the opportunity to work with Nick last fall, when I had a Nike footwear wall that needed to be installed in your world famous Mall of America. The installation went beautifully. Nick was completely prepared and meticulous, and a pure joy to hang out with for 10 hours while trapped in the woman's shoe department with me. My latest big job has been a year in the making - a beautiful footwear wall installing in NYC at Bloomingdales. I can't tell you how big of a deal this was for both myself and my clients. Everything, without question, had to be absolutely perfect.

It was a super long day, starting before the store opened with demolition, electrical, patching and painting. Then at store closing, we immediately switched gears into delivery and installation. Chris was on-site the entire time with me - managing the union workers perfectly, dealing with the truck unloading, subsequent elevator trips, and an insanely meticulous build. Chris' calm demeanor, his elegant way of delivering explicit build instructions to the crew, and keen eye for detail kept this installation on track and headed for the finish line.

My clients were on-site, and were thoroughly impressed with Chris and his ability to keep a notoriously difficult "union installation" moving in the right direction. The best part about these installations - is that your boys made me look great! I can build the most beautiful wall, but if an install goes badly, it can ruin the entire experience for the store and for my clients. Chris and Nick are my secret weapons and my must-haves for all of my upcoming installations

Jackie, irpdx